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Bring On Your Endless SummerBegins July 23

We spend 46.9% of our waking hours thinking about something other than what we're doing.

Mind-wandering is generally the cause, not the consequence, of our unhappiness

Here’s the challenge: take a few minutes everyday for three months to build (or rebuild) your life in the present moment.

This is a daily meditation journey

Starting July 23 and continuing each day for three months, I will send you a brand new guided meditation…







It’s a simple daily challenge to embrace the little actions and habits that guide you back in flow.

Your daily meditations embrace art, music, and pop culture to make meditation enjoyable, relatable, and entertaining.




A three month journey starting July 23

Portfolio Template


That’s $3.31 each day for your peace of mind, and a commitment to moving forward in a healthy direction.

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“Dave’s meditations helped me surrender a lot of my anxious thoughts and showed me it’s ok to let go, have nowhere to be, and nothing to do in this moment except breathe.”
Dawn, Dallas, TX
“For me, it was support on a path of personal and spiritual growth. A daily reminder of what’s important and how I want to redirect and GROW my life. This was HUGE.”
Mike, Chicago, IL
“The number 1 thing I gained was a realization of taking time each day to focus on one thought larger than my day to day issues. Giving myself time each morning to listen to Dave’s stories and focus on the concepts made me more mindful and calm. It also pushed me to think better and do better. And it gave me a routine and a community of fellow meditators.”
Amanda, Atlanta, GA


What happens on this journey?Each day I’ll send you a brand new meditation created in the present moment. It makes meditation feel relevant, ALIVE, connected to the pulse of life. The meditations play like a podcast, with stories about art, music, sports, and pop culture before leading into quiet time for reflection and meditation.

How is this different from the meditation apps?The meditation apps are created for a mass audience, produced months and sometimes years before you actually listen. My daily meditations are a home-cooked, delivered straight to your inbox every single day, and created just a few hours before you listen. It feels connected to the pulse of what’s happening in our present moment.

“The efficiencies of the adult mind, as useful as they are, blind us to the present moment.”

― Michael Pollan

Can you justify the cost?It’s $3.31 a day to commit to unplugging from the chaos, and making an empowered choice for peace of mind, clarity, and being kind…to YOURSELF.

What if I have questions you’re not answering here?Reach out to me at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Portfolio Template

A three month journey
starting July 23, 2024


That’s $3.31 each day for your peace of mind, and a commitment to moving forward in a healthy direction.

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About David Romanelli

David Romanelli combines ancient wisdom with stories of art, music, sports and culture to create journeys and meditations that compel you to slow down, relax, and prioritize peace…over pace.He has written three books which have reached #1 on multiple Amazon and Apple Bestseller Lists.

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Portfolio Template


I want to welcome you and say thank you for accepting the invitation to finding your flow again.Feel free to reach out to me with any questions: [email protected]I’m so excited to celebrate with you…everyday!To 'Flowing' through the rest of 2024!

You face one interruption every eight minutes